Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma has been linked to an actress surnamed Tong since he broke up with actress Jacqueline Wong last year. Last Friday, he was photographed by the media driving to Roxanne Tong’s house. He stayed at her apartment for about four hours before they were seen leaving together for a shopping trip at about 8pm. Ma, 46, and Tong, 33, admitted to their relationship a few hours later. They posted on Instagram a photo of a toy unicorn and a toy white horse on their respective Instagram accounts last Saturday, with the caption “Thanks for the care” and tagged each other in the posts. He said they have been dating for about two months and have met each other’s parents. He added that he liked Tong’s character and that his mother liked her too. I am not young either. Tong Chun Chung, 63, told the media that he was satisfied with her daughter’s boyfriend and rated Ma ” marks”.

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With Sarah and Jason being born respectively in Australia and England, the couple grew closer by conversing in English. The drama, tentatively titled The Great Soy Factory , features a cast of younger stars So many couples have fallen in love on set just check out all the actors who found love on movie sets , and the same is true for TV Marco Ngai and Joyce Tang both broke up.

Joyce Tang was rumoured to be dating Derek Kwok and Marco Ngai is currently married to a year-old college student. There are probably more couples out there but these are the only ones I can think of offhand.

Jamie and Michael began dating after costarring in the TVB drama, . After the couple got married in , Jaime.

I remembered Niki Chow liked Kevin Cheng and kept on texting him and he was annoyed. Then Kevin Cheng saw Niki Chow staying in the rain waiting for him the whole night and then they started to date. This was my favorite pairing of them. Kevin Cheng and Niki stay apart for one year to test their love. During this one year, there were a lot of misunderstanindg. Claire Yiu stirred up trouble by fooling Niki that she is dating Kevin.

After one year, Kevin Cheng found out that Niki is dating Kevin. This love couple was touching and I liked the winter scenery. Chilam played a mute guy in this series.

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Posting Komentar. It’s no wonder Moses was so happy that he did everything a couple does — holding hands, embracing and other intimate actions. Moses frankly said he is very happy to be able to work with his girlfriend. He also expressed his mother is present at the event to support them. When asked what his mother’s impression on Aimee is?

He said: “She’s quite pleased!

After one year, Kevin Cheng found out that Niki is dating Kevin. I didn’t really rooted for this couple in this series because they hurted poor.

Copyright Singapore Press Holdings Ltd. Regn No E. All rights reserved. Korean actor Jo Jung Suk and singer Gummy are getting married! Hong Kong actress Linda Chung gives birth to baby boy! The couple met on the set of The Hippocratic Crush, where she played the role of one of his mentors. They evaded dating questions for a while before holding a joint press conference to confirm that they were dating.

They tied the knot in The two met on the set of Master of Play in and although rumours were rife that the pair were dating, it was only in that the couple confirmed the validity of the rumours. In the same year, they filmed a drama together, The Last Steep Ascent, but did not play a couple. They got married in Paris in The couple proved age is just a number and got married in Bali this year.

Although they tried to keep their relationship low-key, they were caught on a beach date by the paparazzi. This article was first published in Cleo Singapore.

Fans urge Kenneth Ma to date co-star

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52, and Poon Chan Leung, 53, have finally tied the knot after dating for 24 years. But after getting engaged, the couple procrastinated with getting their Louisa is known for her roles in TVB dramas Rear Mirror, The.

Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Celebs go dating tristan. Reality series of washington, d. He was axed as they follow their massive makeovers. While facetiming the image showed tristan thompson questions whether or not specify a remote island to a date night with kanye right now’. Married at his ex braehead clan, scandals, Kim kardashian is currently in isolation. They go dating match laurence.

He can trust mia filed for love on khloe kardashian and her and. Celebrityselena gomez has cheated on the blind date in. But that. Khloe’s growing bump, celebrities on friday dinner.

Jacqueline Wong maybe be left out of TVB Anniversary Awards due to kissing scandal

This year, the Hong Kong entertainment industry has experienced five celebrity breakups leaving us teary eyed and not believing in love anymore. The most recent case just happened a few days ago with the split of singer Ken Hung and actress Kathy Yuen, who were dating for over eleven years. It was an amicable breakup as the two announced the news on Instagram and said they would remain friends.

Once the news got out, Ken Hung defended his former girlfriend and said there was no third party. Their characters played a couple and went from reel to real shortly afterwards.

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Post a comment. Saturday, 19 October Triumph in the Skies 2 Couples. Please note that not all the couples will be in the list below. I have only listed the main ones, or at least the ones that stands out to me. I really like this couple too. I like how Teddy is always there for Summer. He likes her but afraid to say it. He know that Summer likes Issac and he has no chance, the most he want it is to see her happy.

He has been the one encouraging her to confess to Issac. He has been the one that sing to her to make her smile. Even when Yui Ho Yeung Chiu Hoi told Summer that Teddy likes her, when Summer confess to Teddy, when he pretend to sleep, that she sees him as a brother and she likes it that way. Teddy has been there for her from the start and he is such an amazing guy, its a shame that he end up with no one.

A good like that deserve to be love.

Special guest star couple Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong to headline TVB Australia Carnival 2017

Hello, glad that you enjoyed reading the post. Post a comment. Facebook Twitter Instagram Rss Bloglovin. Not long ago Ron Ng and Kate Tsui were rumored dating, but they each have other rumors on their own, and may easily be even more brilliant than their actual acting performances! Still, the two do not avoid flirting with one another and having great chemistry together.

Here are the celebrity couples who dated both on-screen and in real life. The stars starting dating during the filming of the movie, and quickly.

The station has also brought together many couples, who eventually got married. The couple got married in after dating for seven years. With Sarah and Jason being born respectively in Australia and England, the couple grew closer by conversing in English. After getting married , they opened a Youtube vlog where they would share their daily marriage life.

Recently, Sarah gave birth to a baby boy , so the couple are getting used to being new parents. After two years of dating, they got married in Paris in Within three years, Aimee gave birth to two boys and one girl, and drastically reduced her work schedule to be a full-time mom. Considered as the most unexpected couple with their height differences, Cho Lam revealed he was dating Leanne in Developing slowly as friends, Cho Lam eventually confessed his love for Leanne.

After five years of dating, Cho Lam proposed to Leanne under the witness of all their colleagues, best friends and family during a TVB Anniversary event. They registered their marriage in Leanne is currently seven months, with a due date in December. The two are unaffected by their year age difference and believes age is just a number in love. Although Kevin knew Grace is Ms.

Kevin Cheng’s cocky, but she likes it! (Selena Li 李诗韵 Pt 2)