Project Syndicate, September 10, Dani Rodrik says that widening inequality drives elites toward sectarian politics. Project Syndicate, August 14, Dani Rodrik warns that agreement among economists can create an illusion of certain knowledge. Project Syndicate, July 10, Dani Rodrik explains why the super rich are mistaken to believe that they can dispense with government. June This is the long version of my involvement in what is certainly the most bizarre experience of my life to date. Project Syndicate, June 11, Dani Rodrik examines the root causes of political malaise in advanced and developing countries. Project Syndicate, April 11, Dani Rodrik examines why informal and traditional sectors are expanding–rather than shrinking. Project Syndicate, March 10, Dani Rodrik on the promise and peril of social science models. Project Syndicate, February 10, Dani Rodrik reviews the fundamental lessons about emerging economies that economists have refused to learn. Project Syndicate, January 14, Dani Rodrik says that Turkey’s prime minister has only himself to blame for the country’s current political turmoil.

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Erasmus Magazine occasionally uses embedded media from companies that place tracking cookies, for example from YouTube. Read more on our privacy page. Flaring conflicts, huge interests and shifting spheres of influence; the situation in the Middle East is constantly changing. Lecture by Carolien Roelants on the current state of affairs of this important, yet complex, region. Can the withdrawal of American troops from Syria be explained as a victory for Assad?

What are the consequences for, for example, the Kurds in the region?

— Op het centrale Zócaloplein van Mexico-Stad heeft het ballet van of mining projects, where the date of commissioning signifies the end of the project).

Now that Barroso, Verhofstadt and Van Rompuy are daydreaming out loud about a European federation, we want to offer the young journalists sufficient and in-depth insights into that other Europe, the one of the narratives and diversity. However, we believe that each journalist needs up-to-date knowledge of high quality to be able to report at the same level of quality. Therefore, we have invited about twenty Dutch and international high profiled speakers, to give lectures and workshops and to participate in debates and a panel discussion.

Subjects which we will discuss are, among others: Until where do the borders of Eastern Europe reach in terms of culture, geography, religion, linguistics and political values? Should Europe have its own army, be upfront globally in terms of environment policy or human rights, by means of soft power? What does the art of painting tell us about Europe, what is the status of active European citizenship, a public space — which role is there to play by journalism?

In what way is the European novel binding, amazing and educating us? On Saturday, there will be a main lecture by an international guest, and the group will be split up for four workshops:. Photo journalism — Get involved in the techniques and theories of photo reportages and experience it yourself later on, guided by a professional photographer. A camera of your own is required.

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WINST MAKEN EN TEGELIJK DE AARDE SPAREN – DAT KAN (PROFIT AND PLANET). Media, NRC Handelsblad Roland Kupers en Herman Philipse. Date.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. What is more personal than an original NRC Handelsblad newspaper as a gift, from the date of birth? Bring up childhood memories with a historic newspaper from NRC Handelsblad and start a journey through time.

With this gift, you will surprise everyone and make it something they will never forget. Valuable contemporary documents that show a fascinating and authentic picture of the time. The newspaper you receive will be an original, like the day it appeared and was sold. This makes the old newspapers a clear reflection of the represented time.

That is one of the reasons why some newspapers for example from wartime have less pages than newspapers that where printed in the time of the economic miracle. The newspapers and magazines come from libraries, archives, museums and from private collectors. Slight traces of usage are possible and that is what makes the newspapers authentic and fascinating contemporary documents. All documents are stored under good conditions, so they preserve their quality. We hope you have a lot of joy by reading or giving our historic newspapers as a special gift.

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Late in the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag acquired a major collection of photographs compiled by Amsterdam gallery owner and publisher Willem van Zoetendaal. These volumes bear the stamp of his unique gifts as a graphic designer and picture editor: a combination of minimum text and design with a meticulous choice of images and optimum print quality.

For this reason, the main emphasis in the forthcoming exhibition at the Hague Museum of Photography will be on these publications: large-scale reproductions of the printed pages will cover the walls, enlivened by around original photographs resembling those used in the books. Willem van Zoetendaal b.

NRC. │ Mediahuis NRC Handelsblad │ │ 2-year iPad contract. 5 week trial with auto stop. Trials are just like dates.

Two large projects proposals to the Horizon Blue Growth – Demonstrating an ocean of opportunities call, respectively coordinated by and with major participation from Nansen Center, have today been invited to negotiations with the European Commission. GeoAccessNo aims to link data, physical samples, software, methodologies and documentation in order to further improve the understanding of the fourth paradigm.

GeoAccessNO willl analyse the current status of geoscientific data management both physical and digital dataset , software management and analysis tools, documentation of data and software, chaining of data and software and work flow management at a national and international level. It is exploring technologies and existing systems and frameworks in order to establish a demonstrator offering an integrated view on the elements listed above.

Involvement of users is key to a successfull project, and GeoAccessNo will therefore facilitate two workshops. Sea ice concentration has been retrieved in polar regions with satellite microwave radiometers for over 30 years.

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So how do you build a long-term relationship with your readers? While no one is recommending actually dating your readers, it is key to understand the relationship you do have with them! Indeed, Xavier Van Leeuwe recommends switching your focus to the type of relationship you actually want to be developing with your readers.

Klemm’s. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. NRC Handelsblad. Date: November Writer: Javier Hontoria Kind: short essay. Medium: gallery leaflet.

British doctors may feel all alone in the trenches as they continue to be hit by a relentless series of scandals in the press. Professional demoralisation, however, seems to be a much more widespread phenomenon, currently affecting many European healthcare settings, hinting at deeper and perhaps more common roots of professional unease.

What clearly varies, however, are professional strategies to deal with the media. Take the Netherlands. Here, too, healthcare provision has come under fire. But rather than pillorying doctors, most journalists aim their critical arrows elsewhere: at government, insurers, and hospital administrators. In the process, professionals have become the media’s best friends, as victims of a failing system. This peculiar state of affairs became visible again recently, when one of the senior commentators of De Telegraaf, the most widely read Dutch populist national morning paper, filled a column with his personal selection of headlines on health care from the previous few months De Telegraaf, 29 July.

This avalanche of negative reports allowed for only one conclusion, De Telegraaf maintained: the pending collapse of the Dutch healthcare system.

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In general terms, the museum does not see itself reflected in the image projected by the articles, and thus distances itself from their contents. The organisation acts in accordance with the Cultural Governance Code, also with respect to loans and acquisitions. The Stedelijk Museum handles the acquisition of new works and donations with great care. This was also the case regarding the agreements negotiated with the collector Thomas Borgmann, which were thoroughly scrutinised at the time, and subsequently approved.

Given the extraordinary scale and value of the donation, the contract was unique for the Stedelijk Museum. In addition to an extensive, significant gift, also included in the contract were provisions for the long-term loan of a number of works, and the purchase of works by Michael Krebber Aspirin, 6 paintings and Matt Mullican Subject Driven, mixed media installation that spans 5 museum galleries. The purchase of the works took place at the same time as the donation.

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It is generally accepted as a newspaper of record in the Netherlands. On 7 March the paper changed its format from broadsheet to tabloid. The circulation of NRC Handelsblad in was , copies, putting it in 4th place among the national dailies. While they consider themselves one of the Dutch national “quality” newspapers next to de Volkskrant and Trouw , NRC Handelsblad sees itself as the most internationally oriented of those three, and has been labeled left liberal.

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NRC Handelsblad (Dutch pronunciation: [ɛnɛrseː ˈɦɑndəlzblɑt]), often abbreviated to NRC, is a daily evening newspaper published in the Netherlands by.

Are you satisfied with the solution that has now been found in the issue surrounding the ruling by the German Federal Constitutional Court? We took a constructive attitude. You say that the independence of the ECB has not been impaired. But the accounts of the meeting of 4 June contain a lengthy discussion about the proportionality of the asset purchases. Was this not a reaction to the ruling of the German Federal Constitutional Court?

We have always held discussions about the effectiveness and side effects of our measures.

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Nooit eerder in recente tijden heeft een Amerikaanse president het Witte Huis gebruikt voor een part Singles zijn sinds de coronacrisis weer eenzaam, zelfs met een smartphone vol vrienden. Bovendien pa Tijdens nieuwe rellen in Kenosha, Wisconsin, zijn twee mensen doodgeschoten door een jarig lid va Lees de volledige krant digitaal.

post date: As part of the – FPCJ Fellowship Program, NRC Handelsblad journalist Ms. Hanneke Chin-A-Fo visited Japan from January

Download to read the full article text. Aboutaleb, A. Invoegen en inschikken. Integratie is vooral een kwestie van sociale achterstand wegwerken. Friesch Dagblad , March 9. Bagci, S. Bolkestein bespeelt onzuivere gevoelens. De Volkskrant , September

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Additional Information. Show source. Show sources information Show publisher information. Digital and print newspaper circulation revenue in the Netherlands Leading news and magazine apps in Google Play in the Netherlands , by downloads.

NRC Handelsblad. 2 results arranged by date. afp_netherlands__ ‘It should not be accepted as normal’: Female journalists on harassment.

I recently came across an interview with the engineer who was responsible for the construction of the Oosterscheldekering, a key dam in protecting the southwestern part of the Netherlands against flooding. He said that, technically speaking, this dam could last years. When it was first designed in the s, it was proudly claimed that it could withstand a sea level rise of as much as 40 centimetres. If you consider how little was known about sea level rise at the time, the sheer thought of it was almost revolutionary.

Since then, more than fourty years of research have gone by. And both theory and observation have taught us that the great Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are not ice cubes that are slowly melting off from the top. Their location, partly below sea level, makes them far more sensitive to warm ocean water than we could anticipate ten or twenty years ago. So, even with the strongest greenhouse gas reduction and if the most conservative climate scenario came to fruition, the Oosterscheldekering dam will not make it to its th anniversary.

But how much is sea level going to rise?

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